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Tecnovita Eliminates cellulite and orange peel syndrome in an effective and safe way, from the comfort and privacy of your home. Cavitation CB1500

Cavitation Siluet Woman & Man CB1500 Tecnovita

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Characteristics Cavitation Siluet Woman & Man CB1500 Tecnovita

Cavitation Tecnovita by BH Siluet Woman & Man CB1500

Siluet W&M is a hi-tech device that allows us to selectively and efficiently remove the build-up of fat
(cellulite, orange skin syndrome) from our body.
The technology used is that of ultrasound emission which produces the physical phenomenon known as cavitation, causing the removal of fat cells.
This technology with proven results is widely used in beauty salons all over the world in order to fight cellulite painlessly and non-invasively.
What is Cavitation?
Cavitation is a NON invasive technique that will allow you to shape your figure. Unlike other techniques such as cosmetic surgery, cavitation is a safe treatment.
Cavitation or vacuum aspiration is a hydrodynamic effect, and is by no means a discovery from this century. It has been studied extensively in the world of nautical science as well as in other sectors.
Below we give a step-by-step explanation about the aesthetic cavitation process
· Expansion Phase: in this first phase, bubbles of liquid form within the fat and these start increasing in size. In turn, within these bubbles other smaller bubbles of gas (micro-bubbles) are formed and these expand. As a result of this process, a gaseous cavity is formed inside the liquid bubble.
· Compression Phase: the recently expanded bubbles are compressed by the pressure exerted by themselves, so that the temperature of the gas inside the bubble increases until it collapses in on itself. At this point there is an implosion (squeezed inward) and energy is released inside the fat and adipocytes, fluidising it and allowing it to be disposed of. The dissolved fat passes to the lymphatic system, through which it is removed from the body. This is why it is important to drink plenty of water before, during and after the cavitation session (at least 2 litres).
Thanks to Tecnovita by BH you can finally have cavitation sessions in the privacy of your own home. Tecnovita by BH present two new models: Siluet Sphera CB1100 (continuous emission) and Siluet Woman & Man CB1500 (continuous and pulse emission).

What is the difference between continuous pulse emission and pulse emission?
Continuous emission: corresponds to a continuous work mode, using continuous low frequency ultrasound which is conducted through the skin. This type of emission produces constant heat which is maintained until you stop the emission. It is inadvisable to use this mode with high intensity levels. 
Pulse emission: This type of emission does not produce heat because the ultrasound emissions are interrupted every now and then. Pulse emission allows you to reduce the temperature in between the ultrasound emissions. This allows us to apply stronger ultrasound emissions without doing any harm to the body tissues.

Advantages and benefits
· Painless.
· Non-invasive: Forget the dangerous surgeries.
· Immediate results can be noted from the first session.
· Eliminate cellulite and orange peel.
· Decide to work area (buttocks, abdomen, flanks, hips and legs).
· Shape your figure.
· Easy to use.
***It is advisable to wait 72 hours between sessions.
· Its bright and intuitive large display allows the programming of our aesthetic cavitation sessions easily.
· The ability to choose the type of issue: pulsed or continuous allows us greater precision in dealing with different areas of our body.
· It also allows for 6 levels of intensity adjustment, both in the pulsed mode as continuous.
· In addition to program-minute duration of our treatment (maximum 20 minutes).
· In the user manual that came with the machine can find the settings both emission rate, power and recommended time to work every area of your body. The instructional DVD also included a concise sample of areas to be addressed and recommendations for the application to be more effective.
Technical specifications
· Weight: 2.5 kg
· Dimensions (cm): 25 long x 18 wide x 18 high
· Ultrasound (frequency): 40 kHz
· Output: 25 Watts
· Power-Voltage: 220V - Frequency: 50Hz
· Power-Levels: 6
· Anti-Cellulite Serum Tecnovita by BH 50 ml
· Toning Serum Tecnovita by BH 50 ml
· Post-Cavitation Tecnovita by BH Lotion 250 ml
· User Manual
· DVD use

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