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Compare: LOF Trainer Red S vs LOF Trainer Red XS vs LOF Trainer Black M

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Gloves LOF Trainer Red - Size S Gloves LOF Trainer Red - Size XS Gloves LOF Trainer Black - Size M
0 of 5 (0 Reviews)
0 of 5 (0 Reviews)
0 of 5 (0 Reviews)
Price £12.44 £12.44 £12.44
Guarantee TBA TBA TBA
use Home Use Home Use Home Use
Weight 0.6 Kg 0.6 Kg 0.6 Kg
Delivery Delivery 1 working day Delivery 1 working day Backorder
Key features
Productline Unisex Unisex Unisex
Material Elastic Elastic Elastic
Wrist support No No No
Size S M
Colour Red Red Black

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