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GoldNutrition It combines the two best sources of whey protein on the market. It is the perfect partner to maximise muscle toning. Whey protein concentrate GN61191

GoldNutrition Iso Hydro Whey - 1kg chocolate

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Characteristics GoldNutrition Iso Hydro Whey - 1kg chocolate

  • Boosts muscle mass and strength
  • Avoids destruction of muscle tissue
  • Improves muscle toning
  • Controls appetite and prolongs sensation of satiety
  • Complements hyper-protein diets
  • Low lactose content

IsoHydro Whey GoldNutrition® is a delicious high- quality protein shake that combines the two best sources of whey protein on the market, ISOLAC®  and OPTIPEP®, and high quality hydrolysed protein isolate, produced by Carbery. The Carbery protein is used mainly as a raw  material of cows fed on pastureland, which leads to more nutritional content. Moreover, the whey is obtained after cheese making, which aids the formation of glycomacropeptides (beneficial  proteins not present in the original raw material) that are added to the specific proteins naturally present in high-quality whey, such as beta- lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, immunoglobulins and lactoferrin. ISOLAC® is obtained through cross-flow microfiltration (CFM), while OPTIPEP® is obtained through the enzymatic hydrolysis of the whey protein isolate. With no added sugar and very low carbohydrate and fat content, it is well tolerated, even in individuals who are highly intolerant to lactose. 

IsoHydro Whey GoldNutrition® is the perfect  partner to maximise muscle toning.

Health claims

  • Proteins help the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • Calcium has a role to play in the normal functioning of muscles

Whey protein isolate
Muscle mass in the human body is extremely important as it generates strength and movement. Large reserves of amino acids are needed for protein synthesis after physical exertion and the exogenous sources are limited1 . Ingesting protein, when combined with endurance exercise, can increase protein synthesis and together with continuous working out can increase muscle mass and strength. Scientific studies show that ingestion of 20g and 40g of protein during the day boosts protein synthesis in the muscles. Therefore, supplementation with protein before and after training leads to gains in strength and muscle mass, as well as helping faster recovery between workouts. Given that whey protein has unrivalled nutritional quality, this will be the best choice.
The advantage of CARBERY® ISOLAC® is the use of cross-flow microfiltration, which in contrast to other methods, such as ion exchange filtration, does not denature some of the whey peptides. Furthermore, owing to the low lactose content the isolate is indicated for people who are intolerant to this sugar16 . With regard to this question, IsoHydro Whey GoldNutrition® has high protein content (88%) and 1g less of carbohydrates per dose.
Hydrolysed whey protein
Hydrolysed whey protein is an innovative product which as well as being better tolerated in the intestines, also leads to faster recovery after exercise, outperforming even whey isolate in this respect. This benefit derives largely from faster absorption of peptides than free amino acids and more complex proteins. As well as the beneficial effects in terms of recovery, this protein’s action in stimulating muscle synthesis is noteworthy. This may be explained by the greater insulinotropic power of the hydrolysed whey.
This kind of protein may also be useful for endurance athletes, not only through the reduction of muscle damage caused by long periods of exercise, but also the capacity of this hydrolysed protein to re-establish the glutamine reserves, an important factor to prevent compromised immunity and consequently infections.

Suggested usage

Alongside a varied and balanced diet  and healthy lifestyle, drink two shakes a day (2  portions), one of them around 1 hour before  working out and the other immediately after  training. 

To prepare the shake add 1 flat measure (30 g) to  200 ml of water. Shake well and serve. Ice can be  added to give the shake a better texture.

Format and flavour

GoldNutrition Iso Hydro Whey - 1kg / Chocolate


ISOLAC® Instant (whey protein,  Emulsifier (soy lecithin)) [91%], OPTIPEP® 90 PRO (Hydrolysed whey protein isolate, Emulsifier (soy  lecithin)) [4%], Cocoa powder, Chocolate  flavouring, Thickeners (Guar gum, Xanthan gum),  Sodium chloride, Sweeteners (sucralose, steviol  glycosides). Produced in installations that manipulate milk, soy, gluten, eggs and fish, meaning it may contain vestiges of such ingredients.

Nutritional information

 Per 100 gPer portion (30g)%RD*
Energy 373 kcal / 1583 kJ 112 kcal / 475 kJ 6
Lipids 1,2g 0,4g 1
Of which saturated 1,0 g 0,3 g 1
Carbohydrates 2,2g 0,7g 0,3
Of which sugars 1,1 g 0,3 g 0,4
Fibre 0,86 g 0,26 g -
Proteins 88 g 26 g 53
Salt 1 g 0,3 g 4
Of which sodium 334 mg 100 mg -
Calcium 483mg 145mg -

* Reference dose for an average adult (8400Kj/2000_Kcal)

Not recommended for kidney  insufficiency patients or if allergic to any of the  ingredients.

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