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Tecnovita Is the solution to combat signs of aging through high-frequency ultrasound. 10 intensity levels. Continuous and pulsed emission mode. Time programming. Facial care treatments YU200

YU200 Facial ultrasound beauty therapy by Tecnovita SonixDúo

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Characteristics YU200 Facial ultrasound beauty therapy by Tecnovita SonixDúo

SonixDúo is a hi-tech device designed to stimulate skin tissue and improve the elasticity of the skin.
The technology used employs the emission of high frequency ultrasonic waves which help to improve the cell membrane metabolism, contributing to better blood circulation. This technology increases the oxygenation of skin cells providing a completely safe and painless way to combat both the sagging skin and also remove wrinkles, dark circles, bags under the eyes, etc.

What are the advantages over other methods?
3 MHz ultrasonic waves are safe, painless and non-invasive and they also aid sonophoresis, allowing the nutrients in skin care creams to penetrate deeper. It is completely painless and safe.
Characteristics for model SonixDúo YU200
· Time: Programmable from 1 to 30 minutes.
· Energy: Programmable at 10 intensity levels.
· Wave type, selection of 2 wave types: continuous and pulsed.
· Handsets: Selectable: left or right.

Why does SonixDúo help prevent wrinkles?
· SonixDúo technology helps regenerate elastin, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin.
· It activates oxygenation of the cells and the elimination of toxins to keep your skin clean and healthy.
· It intensifies the moisturising effect of face creams.
Why does SonixDúo help reduce wrinkles?
· SonixDúo technology helps stimulate the production of collagen, reducing wrinkles and preventing the appearance of new ones.
· It revitalises skin that is losing its natural moisture over the years.
· It boosts absorption of anti-wrinkle creams.
SonixDúo application modes
Before beginning a session, remember to remove all accessories such as necklaces, earrings, contact lenses, piercings, etc..
Always apply an abundant amount of gel to the area and begin to work it by slowly sliding over it without pressing.
· Forehead: Slide the handset slowly, without pressing, in an upward circular motion, covering the entire area of the forehead.
· Around the eyes: The massage movement should be applied from inside out away from the eye area as shown in the picture. It is important to massage in the correct direction as this will produce better results.
· Cheeks and cheekbones: Slide the handset, using circular movements, from the start to the end of the cheekbones and cheeks covering the entire area.
· Around the lips: Perform gentle movements from the centre outward around the whole lip area.
· Chin and jowls: Slide the handset using an upward circular motion from the centre outward, covering the entire area.
You should notice results after the first five sessions, however results may vary depending on the skin of each individual.
For correct, safe use of SonixDúo
· Working area: Forehead (max. 3 minutes), Around the eyes (max. 3 minutes), Cheeks and cheekbones (max. 3 minutes), Around the lips (max. 3 minutes) and Chin and jowls (max. 3 minutes).
· Per daily session: 15 minutes maximum.
By session we mean the application of SonixDúo on different work areas in the same day.
· Between sessions: 48 hours minimum.
By “between sessions” we mean the rest time between each session.
E.g.: In one week, a session schedule would be: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
· Every 24 sessions (approx. 1 and a half months of treatment): rest 1 and a half months. After this rest period you can repeat the treatment.
Oleo essence antiwrinkle
Thanks to its highly absorbent texture, Oleo essence antiwrinkle is the ideal wrinkle cream for daily use as an indispensable supplement for the Tecnovita ultrasound facial treatment. Its active ingredients penetrate the skin faster, boosting the regenerative lifting effect from the very first application, producing excellent results after the treatment. Oleo essence antiwrinkle is the result of intensive development work by Tecnovita to guarantee maximum performance and effect from the Tecnovita ultrasound facial treatment. Its high reparative power and the recognized revitalizing, regenerative and moisturizing properties of argan oil will make your skin look smoother, firmer and younger day after day. The “oil free” Oleo essence antiwrinkle preparation does not contain mineral oils.
Method of application: Apply Oleo essence antiwrinkle to the face and neck on clean, dry skin, preferably after each treatment to enhance the effects and obtain better results. Massage in using gentle upward circular movements to ensure better absorption and improve the effects. We recommend using it daily, at any time of day, as your routine wrinkle cream.
Ultrasound active gel
The Ultrasound active gel has been specifically formulated and developed for use exclusively with the Tecnovita ultrasound facial unit. The minerals that this gel contains allow the sound waves to be transmitted efficiently, making the skin smoother and softer and improving its appearance. Ultrasound active is a high-density gel that contains no mineral oils among its “oil free” ingredients. Aloe vera, with recognised smoothing, soothing and healing properties, and glycerine, mean that it can be used on all skin types, even very sensitive skin.
Method of application: Apply Ultrasound active liberally on the area to be worked via gentle massage, but without rubbing it into the skin. Correct and even distribution of the gel improves the results. To remove, use a towel or damp cloth.

*** Sonix Duo beauty therapy is the solution for combating signs of aging through high-frequence ultrasounds.
The use of Oleo essence antiwrinkle 50ml YUG71 is highly recommended to reinforce the effects.
The use of the Ultrasound Active 250ml YUG01 gel is essential for application.

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