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Alatech, aware of the demand existing among users to monitor the effects sport has on competition and workouts, is developing heart rate products based on research on the current health and psychology market.

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Why buy Alatech?

· Client priority: Alatech values all clients highly and always does everything possible to fulfil their expectations.

· Continuous study: Studies on real market demand, which lead to the continuous development of new products.

· Your best option: Alatech will be your best option, because it is trustworthy and professional.


History of Alatech

Alatech has been a specialist in creating fitness equipment since 2002, with the aim to help users lead a healthy lifestyle and keep the spirit of continuous improvement and balance.

In 2004 the company set up a factory in Xiaoshan (China), under strict quality controls and a thorough research and development process.

In 2008 they completed the development of new heart rate products with their own brand, reaching international market standards.

In 2009 they pioneered not only the development of heart rate products that could be used both outdoors and indoors, but also the set up of a world sales network that made it possible to reach every corner of the globe and offer clients the best possible service.