Amix Performance Re-Cuper Recovery Drink - 550g
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Amix Performance Re-Cuper Recovery Drink - 550g

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    Amix Performance Re-Cuper Recovery Drink - 550g Amix Performance Amix™ Performance Re-Cuper is an ultra-concentrated post-workout recovery supplement. Its exclusive formula with the best patented raw products in the world has a clear aim Recovery nutrition 556.39

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    Characteristics Amix Performance Re-Cuper Recovery Drink - 550g

    amix p series

    Extreme Recovery Concentrate

    Amix™ Performance Re-Cuper
    is an ultra-concentrated post-workout recovery supplement. Its exclusive formula with the best patented raw products in the world has a clear aim, to meet the needs of the most discerning sportsmen who demand top quality products and which Amix™ Performance is in a position to offer.

    An ideal recovery supplement for physically demanding workouts. Thanks to its composition, it will help the body eliminate post-exercise lactate and regenerate muscle fibre, as well as rehydrate the body. 

    This is one of the flagships of the Amix™ Performance range created by LargeLife® Laboratories, where no effort has been spared in elaborating, as far as the very best pure components are concerned, a unique product, which is unrivalled, in offering the perfect post-workout recovery supplement

    We are going to take a close look at each component that makes it up:

    Amylopectin (carbohydrate): the main purpose is to provide the body with a top quality carbohydrate base to balance the demand arising from endurance sports, promoting recovery, since it will be used for tissue regeneration and to replenish the glycogen stores used up during physical activity.

    Mineral salt complex:
    Endurance sports produce an extra demand on electrolytes through muscle contraction and sweating, thereby requiring rehydration to ensure adequate body function, which is the main purpose of this complex, since it will aid the recovery process.

    Protein isolate: Made from a high purity protein, specifically the patented CFM® protein formula, considered to be one of the best protein isolates in the world, capable of regenerating the muscular system, nourishing it and thus facilitating recovery.

    BCAA 2:1:1 (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine): Pharmaceutical-grade crystalline branched chain amino acids to ensure maximum purity with a 2:1:1 ratio, where Leucine plays a more important role owing to its building and regenerating function, without overlooking the role of the others. An advanced BCAA composition which plays a key role in tissue regeneration.

    L-Glutamine: L-Glutamine is the most important amino acid where muscular recuperation is concerned because of its notable presence in muscle fibre. During physical activity, a large amount is released and it needs to be replenished immediately in order to guarantee correct muscular function.

    Beta-alanine and Citrulline malate:
    Their main purpose is to eliminate waste produced during exercise (lactic acid), and support regeneration processes.

    L-Glycine: This is an essential amino acid, in other words it cannot be produced by the body, meaning that it has to be taken from an external source. Its main function is at a structural level, not just muscular but also pertaining to bones and joints and the immune system, since it strengthens the mechanical system, increasing the biosynthesis of collagen and strengthens structures, enabling an increase in physical performance, reducing the risk of cartilage injury and prolonging and increasing physical activity

    AMIX™ Performance Re-Cuper is a powerful recovery supplement, in which quality has not been spared, and it offers the best performance in regeneration processes, promoting recovery in the face of exertion following intense physical activity. This recovery supplement meets the needs and demands of both amateur and professional sportsmen.

    Recommended Dose:

    Mix 1 spoonful (25 g) with 300ml of water (vary amount of water according to personal preference).

    Size and flavors:

    550g / Vanilla-Yogurt

    Supplement Facts:

    Por servicio: 25 g (1 scoop/1 dosificador); Servicios por envase: 20
    Calorías:85- Calorías proced de la Grasa: 2.2
    Cantidad por Servicio %RDA CDR
    Total Grasa  <1g 1,50%
    Total Carbohidratos 2.2g 0.7%
    azúcares  0.5g  
    Proteínas  18.5g 37,00%
    Vitamina C 20mg 25%
    Vitamina B6 3.5mg 250%
    Calcio 75mg 9.4%
    Fosforo 180mg 25%
    Potasio 37.5mg 1.9%
    Sodio 62.5mg  
    Taurina  500mg  
    L-Glutamina 6250mg  
    Bcca Instantized 2:1:1 6250mg  
    L-Leucina, L-Isoleucina, L-Valina 887mg  
    Beta Alanina 500mg  
    L-Glicina 500mg  
    L-Citrulina Malato 500mg  

    Main characteristics

    Comparative Amix Performance Re-Cuper Recovery Drink - 550g

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    Main characteristics
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    DeliveryDelivery 3-5 working days
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    Key features
    AdministrationAfter training
    AdministrationAfter training
    AdministrationAfter training

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