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Aquatic fitness machines

The aqua fitness category includes all the cardiovascular apparatus (exercise bikes, elliptical bikes and treadmills) which can be used in swimming pools. Because of the density of the water, exercise on these machines requires more effort from the leg muscles. More info

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  • Aquatic fitness
  • Sleek design, Easy to Use, Full Progressive Resistance.
    Poolbiking One Aquatic Bike

    Poolbiking One Aquatic Bike

  • Anyone, regardless of its physical condition. Especially recommended for weight loss, physical therapy, arthritis, aquatic fitness, the elderly, treatment of varicose veins, cellulite reduction, rheumatic diseases, general fitness and muscle recovery of athletes.
    Poolbiking Core Aquatic Bike
  • The most advanced aquatic bike. Its progressive resistance (F.P.R.) and its anatomical pedal to be used barefoot are the innovating elements.
    Poolbiking Veracruz 4.0 Aquatic Bike
  • Designed for functional exercises, Pilates, yoga and Tai chí.
    Poolbiking Poolboard

    Poolbiking Poolboard

  • Designed for intensive daily use both individually and for group classes. Can be used barefeet.
    Treadmill  Waterflex AquaJogg
  • The most advanced aquatic bike. Its progressive resistance (F.P.R.) and its anatomical pedal to be used barefoot are the innovating elements.
    Poolbiking One 2.0 Aquatic Bike
  • An excellent tool for cardiovascular exercise. Joints do not have pressure, avoiding hurts. The consumption of calories is higher than 500 cal/h.
    Poolbiking Evolution Aquatic Bike
  • Aquatic treadmill Pooltrekking Acapulco
    Pooltrekking Acapulco Aquatic treadmill
  • Elliptical training machine with variable resistance built for professional use in pools.
    Poolbiking Orbital Aquatic Elliptical
  • Allows to provide maximum protection against corrosion in salt water or salt water by chlorination.
    Poolbiking Saltwater Protection Kit
  • The sportiest of its category. Adjustable comfort saddle. Adjustable multi-training handlebar. Non-slip pedals. 2 Pro Spinning system
    WR5 pool bike
  • Offers its users fluid motion. Made of stainless steel,100% compatible with all types of water.
    Crosstrainer Elly for the pool
  • Is a high quality product for the swimming pool at a very competitive price. Fun and light, dedicated to soft training.
    Waterflex WR3 Aquatic Bike
  • An aquabike dedicated to intense training. Is unique on the market, with 5 speed adjustment.
    Waterflex WR4 Aquatic Bike
  • Valid for use at the beach or salt water pools.
    Poolbiking Aquatic Tenerife

    Poolbiking Aquatic Tenerife

  • For professional use, bandwidth of 500mm, guaranteed durability and resistance.
    Pooltrekking Miami Aquatic treadmill
  • It has a stainless steel platform on each foot for stability in the sand and two large diameter wheels for easy transport.
    Poolbiking Ibiza Aquatic Bike
  • Is the first model designed to walk and run into a swimming pool for a rehabilitation treatment.
    Pooltrekking Medical Aquatic treadmill
  • 500 cc bottle and handlebar mounting. Minimum order of 10 units or as a Poolbiking accessory.
    Poolbiking Bottle Cage Kit

A buyer's guide to aqua fitness apparatus


The main benefits of aqua fitness apparatus are the following:

  • · The resistance of the water acts upon the submerged muscles ensuring they are kept well-toned.
  • · The weight reduction experienced in water is perfect for the treatment of muscle and joint pain, and is ideal for overweight people.
  • · Aerobic exercise in a humid environment enhances lung capacity.
  • · Ideal exercise for fat burning.
  • · Acts directly on cellulite and gradually eliminates it.
  • · Brings down blood pressure and improves the circulation.
  • · Favours complete thermoregulation as the user sweats and is cooled down at the same time.

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