Beta-Alanine Victory Endurance

B-Alanine or Beta Alanine is a special non-essential amino acid, as it is the only amino acid which occupies the alpha position and therefore has certain qualities which make it stick out from the rest. The consumption of Beta Alanine produces an increase in intramuscular carnosine, a substance which enhances muscle recovery with almost immediate effect, which in turn delays tiredness and makes muscles more resistant. More info

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  • Increases muscle strength and antoxidante marked effect.
    Victory Endurance Beta Alanine - 90 capsules
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    • Goal:Energy
    • Administration:Before training
    • Format:Capsules
    • Vegan:No

A buyers guide to products with Beta-Alanine

Sports nutrition products which contain B-Alanine, and which are available in capsule, powder or pill form, produce an increase in intramuscular carnosine, which results in a series of benefits such as the ones listed below:

  • · Increase resistance and performance.
  • · Speed up muscle recovery after exercise.
  • · Delay the onset of fatigue.
  • · Induce a rapid release of calcium, extending exercise times.
  • · Cause a drop in oxidative stress.
  • · Facilitate the processes of excitation-contraction.
  • · Act as a physiological ph regulator.

Doses of beta-alanine range from 3-6.5 grams per day, distributed in doses of 0.8-1.6 grams over a period of between 4 and 10 weeks. This range produce increases in the levels of carnosine of between 30% and 80%.


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