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With a wide collection, Bruce Lee Fitness offers high quality products, such as benches, boxing gloves, skipping ropes and many more, focused on exercising the different muscle groups in individual workout stations.

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The Bruce Lee brand offers all the facilities to carry out a complete workout at home, offering equipment and different accessories to exercise the different muscle groups on individual workout stations.

History of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee met Walter Marcyan (founder of Marcy) in 1972, one of the defenders of workouts with weights to help athletes to boost their athletic and physical performance.

Bruce was especially interested in the "Marcy Workout Circuit", a discovery by Walter for home workouts. This workout consisted of exercising the different muscle groups in individual workout stations. This principle was introduced into Bruce Lee?s beliefs and, as he himself said, it made possible "the expression of total fitness".

Bruce immediately ordered this circuit because he knew it would enable him to make a workout routine work each and every one of the muscle groups precisely and efficiently. And so he developed an exhaustive workout programme with which he was able to sculpt the most iconic body in the history of cinema.

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