Chattanooga is the largest manufacturer in the world of rehabilitation equipment for the treatment of musculoskeletal, neurological and soft tissue disorders.

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Chattanooga products are aimed at continuous care for people, from injury prevention to rehabilitation after surgery, injuries or degenerative diseases. This aim is achieved through the combination of synergies from various rehabilitation companies.

Their product line also contributes to improve the results of treatment carried out in hospitals, clinics and in homes throughout the world. Thanks to this and to continuous innovation, they are leaders in the physiotherapy sector, providing real solutions for both doctors and patients.

Chattanooga, leader in the rehabilitation sector with distribution covering more than 80 countries, are part of the DJO Global Incorporated brand, the world's number one in the manufacture and distribution of high quality medical devices, offering solutions for the treatment of pain and musculoskeletal and vascular disorders.


The history of DJO Global

The brand was set up in 1978, in Carlsbad (California). It all started in the garage of Mark Nordquist, an American Football player who was suffering from pain in one knee. Because of this injury, Mark, together with two friends, decided to study the possibility of using neoprene to stabilize the knee, and this how the first products came about from the company which was called "DonJoy" at that time. Knee straps, made out of some old neoprene diving suits, aroused great interest and the company quickly decided to carry out a research and engineering program to make headway in the world of orthotics.

In 1987, Smith & Nephew Inc. bought "DonJoy", and in 1995 Procare was taken over. Smith & Nephew Inc. launched four special knee orothosis, functional knee orothosis being among them. Very soon top athletes began to use them, something which was key to the success of the company, which became a major supplier of orthopaedic products.

In 2006 the company launched its range of regeneration products, and in this year they changed their name to DJO and completed the takeover of Aircast, which at that time was the international leader in ankle orothosis, cryotherapy and vascular systems. In 2007, DJO merged with Reable, a manufacturer and distributor of clinical electrotherapy, physiotherapy and ground breaking surgical implants, famous for their prestigious brands, among which was the Chattanooga Group.