With over 25 years experience in the medical and sports sector, Compex has become a reference in electro-stimulation, an authentic personal trainer with a great variety of programmes which adapt to the needs of every user.

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Electrostimulation applied to sport and fitness is a perfect complement for the usual workout, as it makes a targeted muscle workout possible without mental fatigue and without aches in the joints, and boosts physical performance as well as health care and image. The benefits that can be obtained through electrostimulation are different depending on the profile of the user: sportsperson or fitness enthusiast.

The benefits for sportsmen and women are:

· Perfect adaptation of electrostimulation to each of the muscles thanks to "My Intelligent Muscles" technology.

· High quality impulses enable complete muscular workouts, with maximum safety, comfort and efficiency.

· Intelligent workouts that favour a better and quicker recovery.

· Increase in volume and muscle mass.

· Prevents injuries and alleviates aching characteristic of intensive workouts.

The benefits for fitness enthusiasts are:

· Better physical fitness results in less time.

· Muscle toning and increase in stamina.

· Helps body definition.

· Prevention of injuries and gives pain relief.

The elite sportsman Kilian Jornet is already a fan of Compex:

"I use my Compex almost every day after a workout or races to achieve an active recovery. Before races, a low capillarization programme enables me to perform better. When the competitive season is over, I mainly use the strength or body building programmes. I also use Compex to recover strength when I get injured.”"


Set up in 1986, Compex is a Swiss brand that, in little over 20 years, has gained unprecedented experience in the fields of rehabilitation, pain treatment and sports training. Electrostimulation, the flagship technology for Compex, has, with the passage of time, become an indispensable ally of health professionals and the most demanding sportspersons.

The efficacy of Compex stimulators has always been backed by clinical studies; they belong to the category of Class II medical devices and comply with the requirements of the European medical guideline 93/42 CEE.