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Fitbit, the leading innovative Company in the market, combines experience in wireless connectivity and know-how in activity monitors, characterised by comfort, design and quality, to create the best products in their category: Connected Health and Fitness.

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Why buy Fitbit?

Fitbit is made up of a team of professionals dedicated exclusively to health and physical exercise. A group of persons who design and develop products that perfectly match the lifestyle of their clients, and which are designed to transform their lives. Although health may be a very serious subject, Fitbit believes that it does not have to be like that; they believe that people are more likely to achieve their objectives if they are motivated and are having fun, if they are smiling and feel supported throughout the process.

Users walk 43% more with Fitbit, which means better health and physical form, more energy and, most importantly, a general increase in wellbeing.


History of Fitbit

In 2007, Eric Friedman and James Park saw that wireless technology and sensors had advanced to a point where they could make incredible contributions to exercise and health. The idea led them to set the goal of creating a portable product capable of changing the way people move. This is how Fitbit came about, and now they have a range of devices that continuously synchronize the statistics of the users with their computers or Smartphones, giving real time access to progress monitoring and providing reminders throughout the day, without the need for any connections.