ION designs and manufactures top quality cardio equipment to provide all sportspersons and fitness fans with a complete and efficient training programme in order to reach and to beat their targets.

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Why buy ION Fitness?

Their products enable healthy and active exercise: Aware that exercise leads to a more active and healthier lifestyle, ION Fitness works with the objective of providing their clients with a positive experience in every training session, always backed by the safety and guarantee of their products.

Products are developed based on the best possible experience: ION Fitness was set up by local designers, engineers and fitness experts. Each and every one of them is highly qualified in the physical fitness industry and the technology field. After producing a series of fitness machines, the design team then consult teachers from the "American College of Sports Medicine" to polish the design and put the final touches to the perfect end product.

They design equipment with ergonomic movement: ION Fitness presented their first apparatus in the 90's and, since then have always pursued excellence in order to offer their clients the optimum training experience. And so, as all their fitness equipment is built to be used by humans the equipment is designed to incorporate ergonomic movement.

Applied technology of the latest generation: ION Fitness uses the latest generation of technology to improve the training experience of the user and so to deliver what all athletes or sportspeople are seeking in their workouts.

ION Fitness

History of ION Fitness

ION Fitness was set up in the 90's, in Los Angeles (USA), where its head offices are still currently located. With varied and extensive distribution channels in the domestic market, ION Fitness grew rapidly in the United States. The brand has also grown quickly in Germany where it was first established in Essen in 2001, and it continues to expand throughout the world thanks to new international distributors in the fitness market.

ION Fitness is continually innovating in order to improve and create new and improved models, offering safety and durability for each one while always maintaining a modern and stylish look.

ION Fitness