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Isotonic drinks are products which belong to the sports nutrition category the main objective of which is to rehydrate, in order to achieve energy and an improvement in sports performance. Isotonic drinks contain sugars and mineral salts which the body absorbs rapidly and which contribute to replace, more quickly than water, the fluid lost from the body during intense physical exercise. More info

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  • This will allow the athlete to take longer time in reaching physic and muscular exhaustion.
    GoldNutrition Gold Drink - 1kg

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    GoldNutrition Gold Drink - 1kg

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    Flavour: Lemon, Tropical fruit, Orange, Pineapple, Watermelon

    • Goal:Hydration
    • Administration:While training
    • Format:Powder
  • This will allow an immediate muscular maintenance during and after training.
    GoldNutrition Gold Drink Premium - 750g
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    Flavour: Lemon, Wild berries, Passion fruit, Orange

    • Goal:Recovery
    • Administration:While training
    • Format:Powder

A buyers guide to Isotonic drinks

Isotonic drinks provide hydration during and after long training sessions, especially intense ones or those carried out under difficult conditions, as, although water is a source of hydration, depending on the intensity and the duration of the exercise, it may not be sufficient to replace the electrolytes necessary for optimum recovery. Isotonic drinks, available in different formats and flavours, contain a small amount of the necessary ingredients to achieve that essential extra factor for a better and faster recovery.

Benefits of Isotonic drinks

BEFORE AND AFTER: They help to put off fatigue and improve sports performance.
AFTER: They accelerate recover and rehydration of the body.

  • · They hydrate and so increase energy levels and improve sports performance.
  • · They reduce the risk of cramps and tired muscles.
  • · They improve muscle and ligament strength.
  • · They enhance fluid absorption and intestinal energy.
  • · They replace lost electrolytes as they contain potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and minerals.

isotonic drinks

Formats of Isotonic drinks

Isotonic drinks come in two different formats: Powder and Sachets. The drums containing powders have more quantity, while the sachets are smaller with the recommended doses already prepared. The recommended amount of powder to add to water will depend on the intensity of exercise, the climatic conditions and the physical shape of the user.

Composition Isotonic drinks

Depending on the quantity added to the isotonic drink, it is possible to distinguish three different types:

Hypotonic Drinks: These generally contain less than 4g of sugar (carbohydrates) per 100 ml and have lower osmotic pressure than our body fluids. That is to say they have a lower concentration of solutes than blood plasma. They slake our thirst and are particularly useful for low intensity recreational sports.

Isotonic Drinks: These generally contain between 4g and 8g of sugar (carbohydrates) per 100 ml and have the same osmotic pressure as our body fluids. In other words, these drinks contain a similar concentration of solutes as our blood plasma. They slake our thirst, provide energy and are especially suited for endurance sports.

Hypertonic Drinks: These generally contain more than 8g of sugar (carbohydrates) per 100 ml and have a higher osmotic pressure than our body. In other words, these drinks contain a higher concentration of solutes than our blood plasma. They provide energy and are especially suited to take before long lasting effort and sports activities which are not so intense as they are absorbed more slowly than water.

isotonic drinks

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