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Kettlebells, also known as giryas, are iron or steel spheres with a flat base and a handle or grip at the top. These muscle strengthening accessories, available in different sizes and weights (between 4kg and 50kg), allow you to exercise the whole body with simple and natural movements. The main objective is to teach the user to involve as many muscles as possible in the workouts, with all the body working in harmony and rather than concentrating on particular areas as usually happens in the majority of classical exercises. More info

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  • The work with kettlebells strengthens the entire posterior chain of the body (gluteal, lumbar and femoral)
    Bodytone Kettlebell

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    Bodytone Kettlebell

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    A guide to buying a Kettlebell

    Kettlebells, thanks to the unusual movement when being used which involve all the muscles of the body, are a very efficient tool for achieving physical fitness, for everyone from professional athletes, military personnel and regular trainers to people who want to take up physical exercise for the first time. As with any sports activity, training with Kettlebells is beneficial in many ways:

    • · They improve coordination, flexibility and endurance.
    • · Increase strength, muscle toning and power.
    • · Increase your metabolic rate and help burn up calories.
    • · Strengthen ligaments and tendons.
    • · Speed up recovery from injury.
    • · Help combat stress and anxiety.
    • · Improve posture.


    These accessories, adaptable to the requirements and the level of the user, make it possible to carry out such well known exercises as: deadlift, swing, squat and windmill, snatch, bicep curl, triceps extension, row, single arm row, abdominal crunch, etc.

    When buying a Kettlebell, the main things to take into account are what it’s made of and its weight.


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