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Multi-stations are muscle strengthening machines that combine the numerous possibilities and advantages of weight training and workbenches. With different workout options such as High Pulley, Low Pulley, Butterfly, Biceps Desk, Bench Press, Leg Accessory, etc. Depending on the model, multi-stations are very practical for developing strength and defining muscles, offering complete workout series which adapt to the user. More info

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  • You'll be able to tone and condition your legs, arms, upper and lower body by making use of the equipment's different functionalities.
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    ION Multi Function Home Gym

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    • Weight stacks:[70-80)

A buyer's guide for a Multi-station

Choosing a multi-station that adapts to your needs, space and objectives, is important. Below we have a series of points with their corresponding indications which will serve as a guide when buying a multi-station:

  • 1) Workout options
  • 2) Weight Stack
  • 3) Structure and solidity
  • 4) Adjustments and Comfort

1) Workout options

Depending on the model, the multi-station may include more or fewer workout possibilities, both for the Lower Body and for the Upper Body. Some stations that these machines may include are: High Pulley, Low Pulley, Butterfly, Biceps Desk, Bench Press, Wide Bar or Latissimus, Leg Lever.

  • High Pulley: Used to work the back and shoulders precisely and efficiently.
  • Low Pulley: Used to work the legs (glutes), and also workouts for the back, trapezius, triceps and deltoids.
  • Butterfly: Used to work the chest, mainly the pectorals.
  • Bench Press: Used to work the pectorals, shoulders and deltoids.
  • Leg Lever: Used to work the quadriceps, flexing and stretching the legs.

With these work posts, several exercises can be carried out, for example:

  • Lower Body:
  • · Lumbar extension exercises.
  • · Trunk flexing to work abs with the high pulley.
  • · Bar exercises to work glutes.
  • · Bar exercises to work quadriceps.
  • · Bar exercises to work calf muscles.

  • Upper Body:
  • · Triceps exercises on the high pulley.
  • · Biceps exercises on the low pulley.
  • · Bar press exercises for pectoral muscles.
  • · High elevation exercises to workout the deltoids.

2) Weight Stack

All the multi-stations have a weight stack made up of weights plates. This column, located at the back of the machine and with a variable number of weights according to the model, is what makes it possible to establish a fixed resistance during training. A resistance that you will be able to vary at any time according to your goals and needs. Depending on your training goals, you will want a smaller or a larger weight stack.

3) Structure and solidity

The material with which the multi-station has been manufactured determines its solidity, and the more solid the structure, the more stable and comfortable the training. Similarly, we must bear in mind the maximum weight capacity of the multi-station, in order to guarantee optimum workouts.

4) Adjustments and Comfort

For the workout to be as comfortable and efficient as possible, the multi-station must permit several adjustments, mainly in the seat. Most professional multi-stations prepared for regular training do so, giving comfort and precision to each movement.


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