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Poolbike, is a brand based on the principles of quality, innovation and commitment to health, design and the manufacture of aquatic cardiovascular equipment, boasting the most complete and highest quality of machines designed for rehabilitation and physical exercise in the water.

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· Collaboration with professionals: Poolbike works closely with doctors, physiotherapists, athletes and other specialists. With their help, the best systems of biomechanics applied to water has been developed and the best results for rehabilitation and sports improvements have been achieved, with the aim of marking a trend and continuously improving to become a point of reference in this sector.

· Specific products for each sector: Poolbike is divided into three specific sectors: Fitness Centres, Hotels and Rehabilitation Centres. All the machines are made especially for one of these sectors, with the objective of meeting the particular requirements of each one.

· Advantages of doing exercise in water: Among the many advantages is that of being able to do aerobic exercises, which require the most oxygen which is transmitted to the muscles by working the cardiovascular system, the lungs, heart and blood circulation, all without putting pressure on the joints.


The history of Poolbiking

Poolbike S.L. started up in 2007 with the idea of manufacturing the best aquatic bicycle. Over the years, this objective has been achieved, Poolbike currently boasts the most advanced range of aquatic fitness machines on the market. This has been achieved through hard work, vision and teamwork.

Currently, Poolbike is available in five continents and its objective is to continue working to be the main point of reference in this sector.