QNT (Quality Nutrition Technology) is recognized as one of the most important top quality manufacturers of nutritional supplements in the world. The brand currently sells its products in over 50 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA.

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QNT (Quality Nutrition Technology) develops sports nutrition products that have been scientifically tested in order to boost strength and performance for sportsmen and women, athletes and body builders anywhere in the world. In order to obtain the best product and achieve a unique flavour, the company works with researchers and athletes and uses ingredients of the best quality at their facilities with the ISO 9001, GMP, HACCP and EFSIS standards.

  • QNT Production centres revolve around three axes:
  • 1) The main factory, located in Belgium, is responsible for manufacturing products that are distributed in Europe, and for the European distribution of some of the nutritional supplements manufactured in the United States.
  • 2) Products aimed at the US market are manufactured in the USA.
  • 3) At the facilities in India, products created specifically for the Asian market are manufactured and American and European products are also distributed.

Absolutely all QNT products are manufactured respecting local legislation and the strictest regulations in destination countries, and labels are designed in accordance with current legislation.


History of QNT

Since 1988 QNT has been the leading European company in the manufacture of nutritional supplements in Europe under US licence. At first the company was specialized in the development of energy and protein drinks, but in 1992 it took a huge leap forward with the creation of "Isopure", a brand that is currently famous throughout the world.

The creation and development of QNT is based on the technical knowledge of its CEO Fabien Debecq. Fabien, ex body builder and European Champion at 20 years of age, developed his extensive knowledge in the field of sports nutrition. Knowledge which he used to create what today we know as QNT (Quality Nutrition Technology).