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Dedicated to the manufacture and sales of sports nutrition, Quamtrax is one of the leading brands in Europe in this category, manufacturing products with the best ingredients and from the purest and the highest quality raw materials.

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Quamtrax is focused on its consumers making efficient and positive progress. Using the best raw materials and thanks to its numerous research projects, Quamtrax guarantees excellent quality products; a quality which reflects the brand today.

Production at Quamtrax Nutrition is continuous and for this reason the annual volume has increased by 30% while maintaining the highest quality standards, competitive and guaranteed client satisfaction. These are discerning clients who demand top quality and results from every product to be able to get the most out of their training sessions.


The History of Quamtrax

Founded in 1999 in Madrid (Spain), Quamtrax was set up with the principal objective of providing the best range of nutritional supplements as well as a personalized service for sportsmen and sportswomen, and in doing so, to achieve total satisfaction from their clients. The brand not only sells its products to European clients but also to countries such as Venezuela, Cuba and Uruguay among others. This is achieved through the continuous production of products which also serves to maintains the quality in each and every one of its products.