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With its simple and unique formula of 100% natural ingredients, the Roo'Bar brand specializes in healthy and delicious energy bars which provide maximum nutrients for athletes.

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Why buy Roo'Bar?

· 100% organic energy bar (certified).

· Unique and simple formula of 100% natural ingredients.

· With no added sugar or artificial sweetener.

· Delicious taste of natural fruit.

· Energy food which produces maximum nutrients.

· Available in 9 different flavours.

· Gluten free, Soy free, no genetically modified products.

· Suitable for vegans.


The History of Roo'Bar

Roo'Bar belongs to Anita Klasanova, Kalin Klasanov and Yani Dragov. Anita and Kalin started up the first organic food shop in Bulgaria, "My Organic Market". It was there in that shop Anita made her natural energy bars and, seeing how they were so popular with the customers, one day she decided to take the business to the next step and start doing things on a larger scale. She joined up with Yani Dragov, the manager of Smart Organic (a Bulgarian distributor) and, 9 months later, they launched the Roo'Bar brand, specializing in natural and organic foodstuffs with superfoods.

Roo'Bar Awards

· Winner Veggie Bite Award 2015 - Innovative Food Product of the Year

· SIAL Innovation 2014 - Selected Product

· Innovative product 2nd place award - Natural Products Expo, East Baltimore 2014

· Innovative Enterprise of the year 2014