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Running-multisport watches and heart rate monitors TomTom

Running heart rate monitors are sports watches with advanced functions for runners to help them to use their physical resources in the most efficient way possible during training. Multisport heart rate monitors, also have specific functions for duathlons and triathlons, marking the transitions between sports at the press of a button. These devices show the most relevant information about activities in real time, enabling an analysis, control and exhaustive monitoring of each exercise, and tips on how to improve them. More info

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Buyer's guide for Running-Multisport heart rate monitors or sport watches

Running-Multisport heart rate monitors, depending on the brand, model and price, are the devices that offer more functions and features. These monitors offer data on speed distance, time, position, calories burnt, etc. vital information in order to analyse training and be able to reach the objectives and goals you set. When choosing one, you should bear in mind a series of aspects:

  • 1) Built in GPS
  • 2) Features and Functions
  • 3) Connectivity
  • 4) Compatible or included chest band

running-multisport heart rate monitors

1) Built in GPS

Heart rate monitors can measure the distance covered by means of a built in GPS, an external GPS Sensor or a Foot Pod. Heart rate monitors with GPS, whether built in or with an external sensor, are recommended both for Running and Multisport, while Foot Pods are specifically designed for running, as the accuracy for measuring distance is greater in places where there is a weak satellite signal, such as tunnels, wooded areas or among buildings.

Nowadays, the major heart rate monitor manufacturers tend to build GPS into the device, a huge advantage for the user who does not have to depend on an external accessory to accurately measure data such as direction, speed, distance, time, en route diversions, etc. making it much easier to train. Thanks to the GPS, the user can also establish a series of Trackpoints (coordinates to locate reference points on a route) and Waypoints (points of interest along the way).

running-multisport heart rate monitors

2) Features and Functions

Once you have decided you want a Heart Rate Monitor with built in GPS, external GPS Sensor included in the pack or without GPS, it is time to look at the rest of the device's features, functions and compatibilities. Depending on the model, some of the most outstanding functions are:

  • · "Multisport Mode ", which changes sport automatically at the press of a button.
  • · Pedometer (steps, distance and speed).
  • · Barometric altimeter (altitude, temperature and incline).
  • · Under water heart rate monitor.
  • · Calculation of calories according to heart rate.
  • · Creation of personalized exercise sessions.
  • · Compete against other users and against sessions of previous exercises.
  • · Automatic start of a new run.
  • · Vibrating alerts for pace, time or distance.
  • · Measure the impact of an activity on the physical capacity of the sportsperson.
  • · Load training session and recovery time.
  • · Configuration of intervals between exercises and rests.
  • · Compatibility with the online brand community.
  • · Personalized information and screens.

running-multisport heart rate monitors

3) Connectivity

Many of these sport watches are compatible with the online sports community of your brand (Garmin Connect, Polar Personal Trainer, Suunto Movescount); tools which helps you to plan each training session and, subsequently, analyse the overall performance, thanks to precise data and graphs. Besides creating a history and being able to consult these results at any time to analyse the evolution, you can also share it with other users in the community.

4) Compatible or included chest band

The chest band is the essential element used to control the heart rate. Besides being able to see the Heart Rate on the Monitor or on your Smartphone, chest bands make it possible to see the intensity of the training in real time in order to help you to work the ideal area and obtain a better performance, and later analyse it.

Some models include this accessory or it may be bought in a special pack, but you may already have a band and it may be compatible with the new heart rate monitor you wish to buy. For this reason, it is important to decide if the accessory interests you and whether it is compatible both with the heart rate monitor and your Smartphone.

running-multisport heart rate monitors

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