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The SIXPAD follows your body contours to deliver the most efficient workout of your targeted body area.

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Why buy SIXPAD?

SIXPAD is a revolutionary line of training gear born from EMS theory based on world class research, MTG's propietary technology and the training theory developed by top football player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

MTG has designed a product that features a newly developed, propietary waveform combined with the optimum 20Hz frequency, that has been formulated from the world's most advanced EMS theory.

Merging this with the training theory of one of the world's greatest football players', Cristiano Ronaldo, to become the SIXPAD "CMM Pulse" core technology. This technology constitutes a revolutionary development in EMS training equipment.

Core Technology

EMS is an efficient way to train, brought about by sports science research.

A unique waveform has been developed in order to eliminate the pain during the electrostimulation.

A top athlete was involved from the development phase onward and added their own training theory to the mix.