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Stretching accessories BenchK

The category of stretching accessories is made up of yoga straps, wall bars and exercise rollers. Wall bars serve to work on any part of the body: legs, arms, abdominals, buttocks, back, calf muscles, etc. Foam exercise rollers are also very common accessories used by sportspersons in their workouts, as they are economical, long lasting accessories, and very useful for workouts. Used correctly, these accessories liberate the tension in the muscles of the different body zones. More info

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  • Not only itprovides the wide range of exercises but also allows your child to spend time with a benefit for health and physical growth.
    BenchK Kiddy Wood Wall Bar
  • The Junior ladder is designed so that the parent can practice along with kids. In this way, a child's passion for various forms of physical activity is developed.
    BenchK Junior White Wall Bar
  • In the top of this gymnastic wall bar you can find the pull-up bar which has additional grips allowing to do various types of exercises.
    BenchK Kraft Wall Bar
  • The combination of metal and wooden elements creates the pleasant feeling of warmth.
    BenchK Fusion Set Wall Bar
  • Exercising with the use of the Energy set contribute to improve coordination and muscle development.
    BenchK Energy Wall Bar
  • Time spent with family is time well spent. Multifunctional Champion Wall Bar is fun for children & home gym for adults.
    BenchK Champion Wall Bar
  • Suits well for a variety of exercises that are a combination of physical activity and entertainment.
    BenchK Olympic Black Wall Bar
  • On nine rungs, you can install additional elements. This allows you to tailor your construction to your individual needs and diversify your routine.
    BenchK Winner Black Wall Bar
  • Two positions of the pull up bar allow to do exercises for the whole body including the muscles of arms, legs and back.
    BenchK Pull up bar D8 Black
  • The combination of metal and wooden elements creates the pleasant feeling of warmth.
    BenchK Fusion Wall Bar

A Buyer's Guide to stretching accessories

Wall bars

Wall bars are wooden constructions with bars like ladder rungs. They are secured to the wall and are of great use for different workouts and stretching exercises. The main benefit of wall bars is their versatility, as they make it possible to carry out any kind of movement. In addition, horizontal bars enable you to choose the height for the exercise.

When purchasing wall bars, you have to bear in mind their dimensions (height and width) to be sure there will be no problems with space.

Exercise rollers

Exercise rollers are economical, long lasting, versatile and very easy to use, they are accessories that serve to stretch the different muscles of the body and alleviate accumulated tension. On occasions, some patterns appear during workouts, stamina exercises or everyday actions that are repeated continually and cause certain tension or rigidity in determined muscles. The use of a workout roller contributes to the recovery of these muscles.

Using a foam roller together with a dynamic stretching movement, helps to improve the range of movements and flexibility, also reducing recovery times and the risk of injuries. These accessories are not complex, so the choice of a roller is simple, but even so it is worth bearing in mind some aspects, such as density and size:

Roller density: Generally, the denser the muscle we wish to relax, the greater the density the roller foam should be.

Size of the roller: most have a diameter of 15cm, but the length varies between 30 and 90cm. To relax legs, arms and backs, it is enough to have a 30cm long roller, while for the back it is necessary to have, at least, 60cm for greater comfort and efficiency.

Stretching Accessories

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