TomTom Runner 3 Cardio + Music + Earphones Black/Green Size L Heart Rate Monitor Integrated
£255.33 £199.82

TomTom Runner 3 Cardio + Music + Earphones Black/Green Size L Heart Rate Monitor Integrated

£255.33 £199.82

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TomTom Runner 3 Cardio + Music + Earphones Black/Green Size L Heart Rate Monitor Integrated TomTom Route Exploration. Train to the tune of 500 songs and the beat of your heart all on your wrist. Running-multisport watches and heart rate monitors 90139651/1RKM.001.10

Characteristics TomTom Runner 3 Cardio + Music + Earphones Black/Green Size L Heart Rate Monitor Integrated

GPS Fitness watch with buil-in heart rate monitor and 3GB music storage


  • Built-in heart rate monitor*
  • Over 500 songs of music storage**
  • Route Exploration
  • Multisport mode
  • GPS tracking
  • Personalised Workouts
  • Fitness Age and VO2 Max
  • 24/7 activity tracking

Runners no longer have to fit a phone to their arm or worry about annoying wires during training, Runner 3 gives them everything they need in just one device on the wrist, easy to use.

TomTom Runner 3 cardio + music GPS fitness watch

Train to the tune of 500 songs and the beat of your heart all on your wrist.

Run with music, not with your phone

Play over 500 songs from your GPS running watch. Store your playlists on your watch and play them wirelessly during your run.


See your heart rate on your wrist

Say goodbye to chest straps with the TomTom Runner 3 GPS Watch. The built-in cardio sensor tracks your heart rate straight from your wrist. No more sweaty bands and chafing.

Track all your sports

Mix up your training. Run. Gym. Bike. Swim. Treadmill. Freestyle. Track different sports with dedicated modes on your GPS running watch, and make them all count!


Run smarter with real-time information

Just look at your GPS running watch to get live stats on the go. Time, Distance, Speed, Pace, Calories burned and more. So you know when to push it – or when to shift it down a gear.

Never run the same route twice

Run Free. Explore new areas and find your way back with your trail shown on your wrist. You can also upload new routes to your TomTom Runner 3 GPS watch, and then follow them to discover new places with confidence.


Sync your stats with TomTom Mysports

Sync, store, share and study your activities on the TomTom MySports App, or in any of your favourite apps like Strava, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, NikePlus or Endomondo.

Track your activity 24/7

Life is more than just a run. That's why TomTom Runner 3 GPS watch tracks your heart rate, steps and sleep. Throughout the whole day.


Music on your watch

Pairing with bluetooth headphones is simple
TomTom Runner 3 is compatible with various Bluetooth headphones. Pairing up the headphones to your watch is simple.

Workout to your favourite music
Switching songs and changing playlists while working out has never been easier.

TomTom Sports Bluetooth headphones
Water and sweat resistant (IPX4) with up to 6 hours of battery life. The TomTom Sports Bluetooth Headphones are designed for sports and pair perfectly with your watch. You can also connect your TomTom Runner 3 with a wide range of other Bluetooth headphones.


Heart rate training

The most effective way to achieve your personal goals
Monitoring your heart rate during training provides the instant feedback you need to train more efficiently and see results quicker.

Only heart rate measures the intensity of your workout
Measuring heart rate is important because the same run may take different levels of effort from day to day. Factors like stress, sleep, recovery time and hydration all play a part.

Find your personal heart rate zones
Understand your 5 heart rate zones, know which energy source you are using and maximize your performance. Your zones are based on percentages of your maximum heart rate.

Download a Personal Training Programme for your fitness goals
  • Training Programmes to Go Further
  • Training Programmes to Go Faster
  • Training Programmes to Get Fitter
  • Training Programmes to Burn Fat

Heart rate on your wrist
Take the weight off your chest and go strapless. Track your heart rate on your wrist with the built-in heart rate monitor. Goodbye to sweaty bands and chafing around your chest.


Multisport mode

Features in Running mode

Duration, speed and pace for the entire run and km by km, calories burnt, breadcrumb trails, pre-loaded trails, number of steps and heart rate and heart rate zone minute by minute

Features in Treadmill mode

Duration, speed and pace, number of steps, calories burnt and heart rate and heart rate zone

Features in Cycling mode

Duration, speed and pace for the entire ride and km by km, calories burnt, location and heart rate and heart rate zone

Features in Indoor Cycling mode

Duration, speed and pace if you pair your watch with a cadence sensor that you attach on your bike, heart rate and heart rate zones and calories burnt

Features in Swimming mode

Speed, pace, stroke rate and number of laps, calories burnt and distance

Features in Gym mode

Number of steps, active time, calories burnt, heart rate and heart rate zone

Features in Freestyle mode

Number of steps, active time, calories burnt, distance, breadcrumb trails, pre-loaded trails, heart rate and heart rate zone, location, speed

Features in Stopwatch mode

Number of steps, active time, calories burnt, distance, speed

Route exploration

Explore new routes with confidence
TomTom Runner 3 always shows you where the path has taken you, so you can find your way back to your starting point.

Upload new routes to your watch
Upload routes to your TomTom Runner 3 and follow them when your run, cycle or walk. Get routes from any website, and upload them to your watch with the TomTom MySports application. Never run the same route twice.


Activity tracking

Activity tracking lies at the heart of TomTom Runner 3
The TomTom Runner 3 easily tracks your daily activity so you’ll have the information and motivation you need to maintain an active lifestyle. Challenge yourself to a daily target based on steps, calories, distance or active time.

Set your own goals
The TomTom Runner 3 default steps goal is set at 10,000 steps per day. But you can adjust this based on your personal fitness goals.

Track your progress with the TomTom Mysports App
Sync your stats to the TomTom MySports app and easily review your progress over time thanks to the graphical activity dashboard.

Know if you're getting the sleep you need
If you wear your TomTom Runner 3 all day and night, it automatically tracks your sleep so you can monitor over time if you have been getting the sleep you need.

24/7 Heart rate monitoring
TomTom Runner 3 can measure your heart rate 24/7. See how your heart rate changes throughout the day, and check your resting heart rate to see how you recovered from your last activity.


Features on all watches

Route Exploration
Explore new routes and find your way back to the start.
Long Battery Life
Get up to 10 hours of battery lifetime when tracking yourself with GPS***.
Social sharing
Celebrate your success with friends. Share your workouts online.
Perfect Fit
Select large or small watch straps to ensure the perfect fit for your wrist.
Automatic Sleep Tracking
Know if you're getting the sleep you need.
Wireless Syncing
Sync your session wirelessly on your favourite running apps.
Water Resistant
Run in all weather conditions.
Customisable Straps
Switch straps to fit your kit or match your mood.
Ultra-Slim Design
Notice your watch only when you want to.
Indoor Training Mode
Track your performance on the treadmill or in the gym.
Interval Training
Improve speed and fitness with custom work-rest sessions.
Race Mode
Select one of your past performances to race against.
One-Button Control
Navigate easily through menus with a single button.


Over 500 Songs Of Music Storage**
Carry over 500 songs without carrying your phone.

Built-in Heart-Rate Monitor
Get accurate heart rate information on your wrist.

24/7 Activity Tracking
Capture your steps, active minutes and calories burnt.
Multisport Mode
Train in run, bike, swim, gym and treadmill modes.

Heart-Rate Training Zones
Run in 5 different zones to get results faster.
GPS Tracking
Track your time, pace, distance and calories burnt.
Audio Performance Feedback
Push yourself with audio feedback on your performance.
Goal Setting
Set and track your progress on daily and weekly goals.

*This heart rate monitor is not a medical device. Always consult a physician before starting an exercise programme. If you have a pacemaker or other implanted electronic device, consult your doctor before using this product. The use of this product while exercising might distract you from your surroundings or your activity. Interference with the signal from external sources, poor contact with your wrist and other factors may prevent accurate heart rate data readings or transmissions. TomTom disclaims all liability arising from any such inaccuracies.
**Total number of songs may vary depending on size of files.
***Battery life can be impacted by using the heart rate monitoring or the music player.

Extra features

  • Personalised Workouts
    Get over 50 workouts tailored to your fitness level.

  • Fitness Age and VO2 Max
    Discover how fit you really are, and how to improve faster.

How does the built-in Heart Rate Monitor work?

The built-in Heart Rate Monitor accurately measures your heart rate through a sensor that monitors changes in the blood flow in your wrist. This is done by shining light through the skin and detecting the changing light reflections.

Heart rate zones are different and are related to your age. The watch estimates your heart rate zones in this way. If you would like to adjust your zones you can do this on TomTom MySports.

TomTom Runner

Bluetooth Heaphones

Listen to your favourite playlists while training with the TomTom Sports Bluetooth headphones.

Secure over ear wires
Secure the headphones around your ears even during the thoughest workouts, with the contoured ear hooks.

Integrated remote control
Adjust the volume or skip a song with the integrated remote control.

Sweat and weatherproof
Resistant to sweat and the weather (IPX4) so you can train as hard as you like in all conditions.

Four hors of battery life
Up to 6 hours of battery life, listening at 75% volume.

Pair two devices
Pair both your watch and your phone to listen music and take calls.



Activity Tracking
  • Activity Measurements: Steps, active minutes, distance, calories burnt and sleep
  • Views: Daily and weekly
  • Goals: Steps, active minutes, distance or calories burnt

  • Storage: 3 GB
  • Headphone Support: High quality audio via A2DP and AVRC profiles
  • Audio Format: Plays MP3 and AAC formats. Does not play any copyrighted music.

  • Race: Past activities, favorites and custom
  • Goals: Time, distance or calories
  • Zone: Pace, heart rate or speed
  • Laps: Time / Distance / Manual
  • Intervals: Yes

  • Location: GPS
  • QuickGPSFix: Yes

  • Sensors (internal): Motion sensor (accelerometer + gyro), compass, optical heart rate monitor
  • Sensor (wireless): Bluetooth® Smart
  • Alerts: Beep & Vibrate

Water Resistance
  • Waterproofing: 40 m / 130 feet (5 ATM)

Supported languages
  • User Interface: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simple), Indonesian, Japanese
  • Audio Performance Feedback: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish

Weight and Dimensions
  • Battery lifetime: Activity tracking: up to 3 weeks, GPS: up to 11 hours, GPS + Heart Rate + Music: up to 5 hours
  • Display resolution: 144x168
  • Display size: 22x25 mm
  • Thickness: 13.7 mm
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Wrist Size: 145-206 mm*

* Size up your wrist


Use a tape measure and wrap it around your wrist on which you plan to wear your TomTom Runner 3. Make sure not to wrap too tight or too loose for the best measurement. If you do not have a tape measure, you can also wrap a piece of string around your wrist and measure the string using a ruler.

In the box

  • TomTom GPS-watch
  • TomTom Bluetooth Heaphones
  • TomTom Watch Charging Cable
  • User Guide

Comparative TomTom Runner 3 Cardio + Music + Earphones Black/Green Size L Heart Rate Monitor Integrated

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    Recommended for multiple sports

    Very good product! The GPS tracking is good and being waterproof helps a lot. Cycling, running and swimming (plus few others) tracked with a press of a couple of button. Audio is good as well.

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    TomTom Runner 3 Cardio + Music + Earphones Black/Green Size L Heart Rate Monitor Integrated
    5 Stars5 Stars
    Great product.

    Got this watch after much researching. When I got it first I had a lot of problems with it disconnecting from my phone and not getting notifications. Did all the unpairing and deleting and resetting recommended on the forums. Eventually got it working properly. Since I upgraded my phone I've had no problems. Features on the watch are great. Plenty of info for analysis. Swim feature is really handy to count laps as I always forget. Very happy with this product and would recommend it.

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    TomTom Runner 3 Cardio + Music + Earphones Black/Green Size L Heart Rate Monitor Integrated
    5 Stars5 Stars
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