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Universal Nutrition, a brand specialized in the design and manufacture of sports nutrition supplements, supplies a wide range of products for the most demanding body builders and weight-lifters.

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Why buy Universal Nutrition?

Since they started, Universal Nutrition have had the objective of being a point of reference for the most demanding body builders. To this end, they have a wide range of high quality products focussed on training for body-building and weight-lifting.

Above all, Universal Nutrition place value on la quality, reliability and innovation, characteristics which we can see in all their supplements.

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The History of Universal Nutrition

1977: Universal Nutrition was founded in Linden, New Jersey.

1983: The brand gains strength in the sports supplement market, starting to commercialize various packs to supply sports nutrition specifically for body builders. In this year the Animal Pak brand was also created to form part of Universal Nutrition for the next two decades.

1986: Universal Nutrition moved their headquarters from Linden to New Brunswick, New Jersey, where they have been located to this day.

1989: A new logo is created which becomes the modern trademark of Universal Nutrition; visually more striking, with a body-builder holding a trophy.

1993: The logo is changed again. This new logo is the one still used today.

1997: Universal Nutrition perseveres with their aim to spread and exchange knowledge about body building. To this end, they create and launch their magazine Universal Matters, which includes articles about nutrition and diets as well as other useful information for athletes.

2010: The Universal Bodybuilding Camp (UBC) is set up, a camp which has the objective of bringing weight-lifters together to give them the opportunity to learn from professional body builders.

2016: Universal Nutrition has become a quality benchmark in the world of sports nutrition and their supplements are the first choice for body builders all over the world.

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